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Yoga classes

 In-studio or in-home yoga, individual or group sessions available. Several styles offered; including, Vinyasa flow, Hatha, restorative, Shakti flow, and yin-yang. Levels ranging from beginner to advanced.  

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Motivational speaking

The story of how Re-Humanize came to be. Marlee shares about this movement that challenges objectification and sexual violence, emphasizing our resilience and the superpower of transforming trauma.


Energy healing

Trained in Reiki, yoga, and spiritual empowerment coaching, Marlee offers 1-on-1 energy healing sessions incorporating crystal singing bowls & guided meditation. 

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Womens spiritual empowerment coaching

Certified by the Maia Mystery School, Marlee offers one-on-one personalized empowerment coaching sessions to women. Cultivate self-love and healing, celebrate yourself as divine feminine, and reclaim your radiance. 

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Re-humanize workshops

Workshops focus on challenging objectification through empowering practices and inspiring discussion on Re_humanize, the book and movement. Events have included intuitive dance, feminism & yoga, challenging objectification through mindful movement, meditation & more.