International Retreats:

Marlee and her mother, Barbie, together launched Reclaim Your Radiance Retreats. They offer weeklong women’s gatherings internationally to inspire sisterhood, healing, self-love, nourishment, connection with nature, and more. Join them in 2019 in Nosara, Costa Rica for a women’s yoga retreat from May 11th to 19th.

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Offers workshops, classes, and retreats. In-studio or in-home yoga, individual or group sessions available. Several styles offered; including, Vinyasa flow, Hatha, restorative, Shakti flow, and yin-yang. Levels ranging from beginner to advanced.


Spiritual Empowerment Coaching for Women

Certified by the Maia Mystery School, Marlee offers one-on-one personalized empowerment coaching sessions to women. Cultivate self-love and healing, celebrate yourself as divine feminine, and reclaim your radiance.

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Re-Humanize Workshops

Workshops focus on challenging objectification through empowering practices and inspiring discussion. Events have included intuitive dance, feminism & yoga, challenging objectification through mindful movement, meditation & more.


Energy Healing

Trained in Reiki, yoga, and spiritual empowerment coaching, Marlee offers 1-on-1 energy healing sessions incorporating crystal singing bowls & guided meditation.

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Public Speaking

The story of how Re-Humanize came to be. Marlee shares about this movement that challenges objectification and sexual violence, emphasizing our resilience and the superpower of transforming trauma.