Marlee Liss


Marlee Liss is a 23-year old Torontonian, feminist, poetess, globe trotter, and yogi. Growing up as a competitive dancer, artistic expression naturally became her main outlet for emotion and self-discovery. By courageously sharing her vulnerable journey through trauma, she has grown a following through social media and has had her work featured by organizations like End Rape on Campus. 

In 2017, Marlee published her book Re-Humanize, which offers heart-softening remembrance of what it means to be human. With poems that began forming just hours after being raped, Marlee shares her journey through poetry and facilitated discussion questions that inspire personal and collective healing. Throughout the book, the writing expands to touch on various connecting issues, which speak to objectification and general feelings of "not enough-ness". Alongside the book, she has birthed the Re-Humanize movement, hosting a diverse range of workshops, fundraisers, and community events to challenge gender-based violence. Learn more.

Currently studying social work at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Marlee incorporates principles of anti-oppression into her work. Presently, she is working with NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Information Centre), an incredible organization that focuses on the awareness and prevention of eating disorders by promoting healthy body image, self-esteem, and media literacy.  


After spending a summer in British Columbia working on Yasodhara Ashram, which celebrates the Divine Feminine, Marlee successfully completed her 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Ahimsa Toronto (registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance). She teaches at several studio's in the greater Toronto area, along with in-home private and group sessions. Trained in various styles of yoga, she teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Power Yoga, Yin Yang and Slow Flow classes. With a background in dance, many of her sequences incorporate flowing lyrical movements in order to take yogi's out of their minds and deeper into their bodies. She also facilitated specialized workshops, including 'Feminism & Yoga' and "Healing through Yoga: Challenging Objectification". She is excited to be co-facilitating a yoga retreat for women in France this May, click here to learn more. 

You can follow her journey on Instagram at @marleeliss